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Terracotta rust arrangement

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An elegant rust, gold, and peach faux floral arrangement in a cream ceramic vase can make for a stunning and eye-catching centerpiece in any room. 

This faux floral arrangement features lifelike foam flowers in shades of rust, gold, and peach, expertly arranged in a cream ceramic vase. The ceramic vase has a simple yet elegant design, with a creamy white finish that perfectly complements the warm colors of the flowers. The arrangement includes a variety of flower types and sizes, including dahlia's hydrangeas , roses, and ranunculus, as well as greenery such as ferns and berries.

The overall dimensions of the arrangement are approximately 31"in diameter and  18" in height, making it an ideal size for a dining table, coffee table, or console table. The flowers and greenery are arranged in a way that creates a natural and organic look, with some stems trailing over the edge of the vase for added visual interest.

This rust, gold, and peach faux floral arrangement in a cream ceramic vase is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and warmth to their home decor. As it is made with high-quality faux flowers, it requires no maintenance and will stay beautiful for years to come. The warm color palette and natural-looking arrangement make it perfect for fall or winter, but it can also be used year-round to add a touch of sophistication to any space.

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